I Am My Own Audience

I heart Jason Mraz’s song I Won’t Give Up.  I love the words.  I had to learn what I’ve got, and what I’m not, and who I am.  I like to sing this song about myself to myself.  I won’t give up on us.  Even if the skies get rough.  I’m giving you all my love.  I’m still looking up.  

It is hard to believe and live like I am worth something.  Especially when you have someone’s words playing on repeat in your head.  After a while their voice becomes your voice.  It all sounds the same.  You try to come up for air but you can’t seem to find the surface let alone break it.  God knows I’m worth it.

So in those moments when you can not see, feel, touch your worth – let someone else speak it to you.  God, a friend, me, your mom, Jason Mraz…  Because YOU ARE WORTH SOMETHING.  No matter your past.  No matter what someone told you or maybe didn’t tell you.  YOU ARE WORTH IT. WORTH FIGHTING FOR.  And you are the one in the ring.  Give YOU all your love.  And here is all mine. I WON’T GIVE UP.