“I like to be a free spirit,” said Diana, the princess of people’s hearts.  I love her.  When I think of her I feel strong.  I feel the same way when I think of Eva Marie (my Grandmother), Anne Shirley, Kathleen Kelly, Oprah and Brene.  Being vulnerable makes me feel strong.  Telling the truth makes me feel strong.  And that is what this blog is all about: Telling the truth.  My truth, my story.  I tell 3 main stories here and some in between.

The first one being about the man I love.  About my HEARTBREAK AND BACK.  I am still working on the “back” part.  It is about love and heartbreak and healing.  It is about TBI and PTSD.  It is about abuse and forgiveness.  It is about God and Jesus Christ.  It is about relapse.  It is about trying hard to believe I am worth being loved.

The second story is about 27GAYS.  More like sixty-something.  Yep.  That’s right.  I am another Gracie.  And I am more than ok with that.  This tells the story of my experiences with gay men and women.  Its about laughter and bravery.  Its about courage and sorrow.  Its about God and His Truth.  It is about feelings.  A whole lot of feelings.  The good, the bad and the fabulous!

The last story is my continuous raw thoughts on MISMARRIAGE.  About being single and childless.  About wanting and waiting.  About planning and preparing.  About whining and complaining and then validating those whines and complaints.  Its about losing hope and grasping after faith.

A lot of these posts represent what I feel in the moment. And some moments are dark and scary.  And I let them be so. I do not edit them.  They are what they are because what I feel in that moment is what I feel.  And chances are if I have felt that way…I am not the only one.

“I like to be a free spirit.”  In moments of darkness and moments of sunlight I CHANNEL DIANA.  I channel my heros who buoy me up.  All of us go through hard times.  All of us sink.  All of us swim.  This is a place for every moment.  This is a place for strength.

Be kind and carry on.

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