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This summer I have two courses available. The first is My Summer of Self Love.

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At night you read you child a story, tuck them into bed, look into their eyes and tell them how much you love them. ~You call your mother every few days and chat about this and that. ~It is a normal Saturday and you fill the day doing your partner’s favorite things. ~Your best friend is having a struggle day so you send them a text message reminding them to breathe in grace, they are loved, they are awesome, you are here.

We are constantly providing experiences so that those around us can feel our love. But not very often do we provide those experiences for ourselves.

Channeling School presents My Summer of Self Love! This is a course that is all about the science, the inspiration, and the experience of self love. It is NOT a step-by-step/how-to-love-yourself course. IT IS a guided course all about creating and experiencing love and honoring who you are.

It includes 2 small lessons a week, one being a LIVE lesson with a Q&A, and a weekly guided experience of loving yourself. You will also receive a beautiful journal for taking notes and recording your thoughts, a class schedule, book list and a Love Me Calendar.

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Class Schedule with Circle

This summer it is not about others loving you (although that love is great and needed and we are thankful), it is not about you loving others (you got that down)! This summer is about YOU loving YOU. And with that increased show of love you will walk more authentically in this world. You will have more to give to others. And you will feel the joy and peace that comes from inner love.

Class begins Sunday July 10th and is six weeks long. This course is valued at $499 But Your Price Is $100.00 Contact me at or send me a PM at to SAVE YOUR SPOT! Use the code LOVE for 10% off! Group rates also available!

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My second class is 30 days focused on the 4 main basics of self care: Restorative Rest, Healthy Nutrition, Exercise & Personal Development.

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In this class we will be checking in several times a day, every day for 30 days via an APP ON YOUR PHONE!!!  I recognize what when it comes to health and fitness some of us just want to get down to business. Maybe you are tired of the skin you are in, feeling uncomfortable doing every day tasks, or want to look and feel super confident for an upcoming event. Here is where we will dial in on our nutrition, pump our mind with positivity and work. it. out.

What you will receive:
30 Days of Support & Accountability in a Private FB Group
Daily encouragement, accountability and assignments to foster growth
Fun contests and prizes
30 Day Superfood Meal Supply
Customizable meal plan
30 plus workouts

Class begins July 5th. Price: Round about 140$ This is intense and is for those who are ready to commit to their health for 30 days. Contact me at or send me a PM at HERE to SAVE YOUR SPOT! Use the code SUMMER and receive a FREE copy of FIXATE, a clean eating cookbook!


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