First Published: January 15, 2014 Into Heartbreak and Back

 “True peace must not be dependent upon conditions and happenings.  Peace must stem from inward contentment built upon trust, faith, and goodwill toward God, fellowmen, and self.  It must be constantly nurtured by the individual who is soundly anchored to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Only then can a person realize that the trials and tribulations of daily life are less important than God’s total goodness.” -Marvin J Ashton

This quote offers me perspective.  In no way does it diminish or invalidate my pain or circumstance.  It just says, “Hey girl, you can experience peace while still in the deep pit.  In the midst of this dark, what feels like eternal night there is still the moon.”  I may feel it’s light.  Please Father, help me feel your light.


keep kind and carry on

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