Tuesday Dec 29th

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Huck. I love my Huck and am so grateful for him. I have extreme anxiety when I have to leave him. It makes going to work extra hard. And winters are hard.

Things I say to Huck: “You are the leader of the free world. No, you are the free world.” “You are the master of your fate.” “You are everything good and wonderful and lovely.” “You are the greatest love.”

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Above is a selfie of me making a Starbucks run at work. Peppermint hot chocolate for the win. Work was hard. I am grateful for my coworkers who keep it light. Going to work today was extra hard because prior to work I had therapy. Naps should always AWAYS come after therapy. Not work. My brain needs time to rest. I love therapy. It is hard and challenging and at then end of each session I am emotionally and mentally drained. Another goal for 2016 is to make sure I always have a clear schedule after therapy. That way I can take a nap, a run or just binge out on tv. I need to give my mind and heart the time and what it needs to renew and repair.

The following are things I saw on Instagram that I loved.

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Seriously though.

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I loved this. And feel it is me and it is probably you. It is one thing I know, I KNOW my ex can have no doubts about and that is my love for him. And maybe that fact that I am all over the place.

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