Winter is Hard

I love Stephanie Neilson’s blog. I have read it for years. Stephanie uses her blog as her journal. I admire her way of documenting her life and I would like to do the same. So… blogging/journaling is one of my goals of 2016!

Winter is hard. Reruns of Project Runway and Teen Mom make it better but winter is hard. It is cold and dark. I feel sad and unmotivated. I feel like I have to work twice as hard to be on top of my game mentally/emotionally.

I am so grateful I have Huck. I am sure he is going stir crazy in my little apartment. I am so glad I have him. He helps to make my house a home. He is a wonderful companion. I worry about him when I am not home. I hate leaving him and often feel great guilt.

2015-12-28 09.40.32

Another 2016 goal is a bra goal. Yep. I have a goal bra. I used to be a 36DD now I am a 34D and my goal is to be a 30C. Hahaha. Most women lose weight in the chest area first. Not me. I seem to lose it there close to last. Other than fitting into my goal bra I do not have weight goals for 2016. But I sure do have STRENGTH goals. I want to be strong. I am starting Hammer and Chisel here soon and I am excited and scared. EEEk. So out of my comfort zone in the best of ways! I need to challenge myself in this way.

PicMonkey Collage

Today I  changed the bag in my vacuum.  I opened it up to discover how my dad rigged the last bag so it would last longer. He used a bobby pin and paperclip. I loved it so much. I laughed. It made me happy. I love my daddy so very much. I am grateful him and my mom in my life. They do so much to take care of me. I would not survive without them!

2015-12-28 17.00.25
And this is totally my jam right now!

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