Marry a Gay Man??

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I do not know how many times I have been hanging with a group of girls when the topic of marrying a gay man comes up.  Someone tells a horror story and suddenly marrying a gay man is the worst thing on the planet.  Yes, I feel this would be true if your marriage sucks or your husband is unfaithful.  Completely agree.  But would it be the worst thing?  I don’t think so.  I mean, watch this video:

Seriously, having a husband who is addicted to porn sounds way worse, but that is just me. I personally believe that pornography has bad spirits attached to it.  I believe porn corrupts character among other things.  And being just being attracted to the same-sex does not.  So it is not as scary to me.  But maybe that is because I know so many great gay men. I do not plan on marrying any of them but I know each would honor our marriage and I believe we would have a solid happy life together.

So there you go. Marry the crap out of me. xoxo

One thought on “Marry a Gay Man??

  1. Ha! So true. I agree with you. I think if a woman married a gay man, he would honor the crap out of that marriage.

    I mean, I plan on getting married to a woman…and I’m okay with that. I actually *want* that now.

    Anyway…it’s totally possible. There are just so few gay men who do it–with very good reason 🙂

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