A while back I came across this blog post about my friend, Grief.  It is titled In Between Grieving and Acceptance.  The stories and thoughts she shared touched me when I read it then and again today.  I too, have felt the loss of a dream.  But this past Saturday I was given a little reminder that maybe that dream isn’t as lost as I feel it is.  Maybe my dream still lives on.  Maybe my dream just looks a little different.


I ran my first race!  It was pretty epic, for me.  I ran the Wounded Warriors Project 8k.    You are still able to donate to the cause  HERE.  Anyway, I saw someone that looked so similar to Lord V.  Mannerisms and everything.  Of course I couldn’t help myself and I approached the man.  They even have similar names!  Really Universe??!! Really?!?  Well, it kind of made me crazy and pissed me off.  Here is the awesome part:  God has blessed this world with more men that look like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.  What a beautiful thing.  Seriously, I am crying.  Although I think it would be kind-of creepy if I ended up with a man that looks like him…but isn’t him. But thank you.  Thank you God for mountain men with crazy long hair and full-on beard.  Lovely.

And to My Guy on a Buffalo, love you.

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