What a Day

Waking up early is hard. Ok. Waking up is hard. Especially in the winter. Because winter is hard. Even though I am exhausted and I think I am getting sick, today was a pretty rad day. Today the boys and I went to the library and looked at cookbooks. We found a pizza recipe we liked, made a grocery list, went shopping and then came home to make homemade pizzas. They turned out pretty good. Then we broke out the EZ bake oven. Let me tell you, there is nothing easy about that! We attempted to make cakeballs. They turned out pretty sad but the boys liked them.

2015-12-30 12.22.32 2015-12-30 13.45.47

2015-12-30 19.59.58

I was able to skype with one of my besties tonight. We were both blah and pretty uninspiring but I still felt reenergized after the call. I drank my Shakeology, which my body has been craving, as I watched the latest season of Teen Mom 2. I am all about that life. I love those women and maybe even follow them on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram. Here are my tops for today:

2015-12-29 16.10.28

Perfect for today. Thank you Bill Meme.

2015-12-30 20.04.19


2015-12-30 20.03.02

Aerial and I. We are so much alike.

2015-12-30 20.06.08

And there you have it.

Tuesday Dec 29th

2015-12-29 15.46.08

Huck. I love my Huck and am so grateful for him. I have extreme anxiety when I have to leave him. It makes going to work extra hard. And winters are hard.

Things I say to Huck: “You are the leader of the free world. No, you are the free world.” “You are the master of your fate.” “You are everything good and wonderful and lovely.” “You are the greatest love.”

2015-12-29 20.26.27

Above is a selfie of me making a Starbucks run at work. Peppermint hot chocolate for the win. Work was hard. I am grateful for my coworkers who keep it light. Going to work today was extra hard because prior to work I had therapy. Naps should always AWAYS come after therapy. Not work. My brain needs time to rest. I love therapy. It is hard and challenging and at then end of each session I am emotionally and mentally drained. Another goal for 2016 is to make sure I always have a clear schedule after therapy. That way I can take a nap, a run or just binge out on tv. I need to give my mind and heart the time and what it needs to renew and repair.

The following are things I saw on Instagram that I loved.

2015-12-29 12.20.46

Seriously though.

2015-12-29 12.13.59


2015-12-29 12.15.07

I loved this. And feel it is me and it is probably you. It is one thing I know, I KNOW my ex can have no doubts about and that is my love for him. And maybe that fact that I am all over the place.

2015-12-29 12.26.34


Winter is Hard

I love Stephanie Neilson’s blog. I have read it for years. Stephanie uses her blog as her journal. I admire her way of documenting her life and I would like to do the same. So… blogging/journaling is one of my goals of 2016!

Winter is hard. Reruns of Project Runway and Teen Mom make it better but winter is hard. It is cold and dark. I feel sad and unmotivated. I feel like I have to work twice as hard to be on top of my game mentally/emotionally.

I am so grateful I have Huck. I am sure he is going stir crazy in my little apartment. I am so glad I have him. He helps to make my house a home. He is a wonderful companion. I worry about him when I am not home. I hate leaving him and often feel great guilt.

2015-12-28 09.40.32

Another 2016 goal is a bra goal. Yep. I have a goal bra. I used to be a 36DD now I am a 34D and my goal is to be a 30C. Hahaha. Most women lose weight in the chest area first. Not me. I seem to lose it there close to last. Other than fitting into my goal bra I do not have weight goals for 2016. But I sure do have STRENGTH goals. I want to be strong. I am starting Hammer and Chisel here soon and I am excited and scared. EEEk. So out of my comfort zone in the best of ways! I need to challenge myself in this way.

PicMonkey Collage

Today I  changed the bag in my vacuum.  I opened it up to discover how my dad rigged the last bag so it would last longer. He used a bobby pin and paperclip. I loved it so much. I laughed. It made me happy. I love my daddy so very much. I am grateful him and my mom in my life. They do so much to take care of me. I would not survive without them!

2015-12-28 17.00.25
And this is totally my jam right now!